A Free and Open-Source Technology Platform for Physiotherapists and Developers

By making scientific rehabilitation games freely available for physiotherapists, and opening up the source code for game developers, Open Feasyo encourages interdisciplinary collaboration and further development and customisation of these technologies.

Serious Gaming

Motivating patients through Serious Gaming

Incentives, rewards and other gaming elements can help long-term patients adhere to their therapy.

Free Rehabilitation Games

Ghostly - a free, open-source, award-winning rehabilitation game

To support long-term rehabilitation through serious gaming, Open Feasyo makes the Ghostly game freely available for download and open to further development.

More Open Feasyo Games will follow soon!

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Designed by a team of scientists & developers

Ghostly is the result of 10 years of interdisciplinary research between developers, researchers and physiotherapists.

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We welcome your feedback and suggestions, and are available to help with installation, game play or development.

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