So far the Ghostly game was an EMG controlled game. The game recorded the EMG data, but that was it.

Now, we changed it into a diagnostic tool designed for analysis of the EMG signal by providing reports, directly on the device. We integrated Ghostly Log app available through launcher that allows you to see all your past gameplays (per level) played on device. When you select a gameplay we generate, directly on your device, a report.

The report contains visualization of the EMG signal in a timeline together with statistics related to the signal, i.e. the number of muscle activations as well as average duration for the activations. The report also contains a schematic layout of the played level such that it’s easy to analyse why the player contract the muscles (e.g. the player needed to jump).

Is there anything missing in the report, or you have ideas on how to improve it? Let us now in an e-mail.


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