Today we are releasing our new game The Loop for testing on the Android platform. Be the first to test the game, send us the feedback and help us to shape the future of this game. Similarly to the Ghostly game, the Loop game on Android can be controlled via sEMG sensors, or the touch screen. Install the game and let us now what you think.

For now, we provide no reports from the gameplay, however, we’re working on it and will make reporting available soon!

What is the game about?

The Loop game is a racing game inspired by runner arcade games positioned in a tube. The 3D feel emphasizes the speed and anticipation of obstacles. The goal is to collect as many points – stars as possible while avoiding the obstacles – bombs. The game becomes progressively more difficult as more bombs stand in the way. You have three lives in, so after the third collision with the bomb, the game is over.

More Details

More details about the Loop game can be found in the documentation section. And of course, you can read the source code for the game which are available in our GitHub repository.

Let’s play!


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